Pencils down…

time to show your work

Cloud based sales progression software that works. One simple application that streamlines, informs and allows everyone to track and efficiently progress the sale of a property.

workflow manager

Our custom built intelligent workflow manager organises your tasks for you, only notifying you to take action when they’re due.

Individual task
timeline view

See what happened and when with our individual task timeline viewer. Keep on top of all changes and updates, and allow everyone to know exactly what’s goin on.

Custom branded
client portal

Keep your clients in the know with your own custom branded portal that notifies them of any progress on their transactions.

Secure document
cloud storage

Let yourself and your clients create, upload and save all related documentation within your system, organised by their own task specific folder.


Built with the latest responsive technology that allows you and your clients access and use the system from any web-enabled device.

What this means for you?

Reduce fall-through rates

By keeping all parties up-to-date and informed throughout each step of the sales progression process, you can actively reduce fall-through rates.

Reduce time to completion

By ensuring your team focus on only the most urgent tasks you can get through to completion sooner — saving time and money.

Reduce costs

By processing and documenting the entire sales progression process in one application you streamline administration and reduce inefficencies.

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Thought about outsourced sales progression?

TrackMyMove’s new Progression service might be exactly what you’re looking for. No exchange, no fee.