Everyone in one place
Client management
Full audit trail
Digital contracts

Online case management

Cloud-based conveyancing case management software that’s accessible from anywhere, on any device — allowing you to draft, sign and send correspondence effortlessly.

Simple client management

Keep your clients in one place, cut down on distracting calls and reduce crossed wires. Start requesting documents from your clients with a single click — providing you complete trackability.

Secure document upload

You can upload even the most confidential of documents knowing that they are stored securely and that they will always be protected using military grade encryption.

Full audit trails

Have complete peace of mind that you are acting as requested by tracking all correspondence safely and securely.

Digital contracts

Reduce your workload by effortlessly drafting & signing digital contracts online — accessible on any device.

Case notes

Keep track of additional client requests with a dedicated notebook that lives alongside your tasks, meaning you’ve always got the information you need to hand.

Always up-to-date

Cut down on admin work and data entry. The information that you input will instantly be available across all of your authenticated devices and shared to the relevant parties if access is granted.

Centralised communication

Bringing you closer to your client and their agent. Reduce missed messages and crossed wires by sharing one common platform that makes inter-party correspondence a breeze.

Targeted Task Lists

Know exactly where you stand with prioritised task lists. Our platform generates a prioritised task list which informs your legal teams exactly what needs to be completed next.

What does this mean for you?

Faster completion

By ensuring your team focus on only the most urgent tasks you can get through to completion sooner — saving time and money.

Reduced fall-through rates

By keeping all parties up-to-date and informed throughout each step of the sales progression process, you can actively reduce fall-through rates.

Reduced calls to branch

By allowing everyone to see the documents they need, as well as explaining exactly what is required next you cut down on disruptive calls.

Streamlined administration

By processing and documenting the entire sales progression process in one application you streamline administration and reduce inefficiencies.