Everyone in one place
Digital contracts
Targeted to-do’s
Helpful guidance

Transaction dashboard

Quickly view the progress of your transaction with your own personalised dashboard. With key milestone updates you can ensure that you are providing what is needed to keep moving forward.

Everyone in one place

Our innovative platform brings everyone involved in a property transaction into one place online. Know exactly what your estate agent and your solicitor require from you at all times.

Access anywhere

Your information is at your fingertips — offering you complete transparency over your transaction on any device. At home, or on the go, you have complete access to the information you need.

Your information at a glance

Instant notifications

Receive instant notifications when a key milestone is reached, keeping you up-to-date throughout the entire transaction.

Digital contracts

Stop needlessly chasing your solicitor and start storing, signing and submitting your documentation online.

Targeted to-do’s

Cut down the phone calls and manage all of your tasks in one easy-to-use platform with your personalised to-do list.

Chain tracking

Selling a home to buy a home can be complicated. Make it simple with intelligent chain tracking that works across multiple agencies — allowing you to instantly view the progress of both transactions.

Always up-to date

The best part is that your information is always up-to-date and securely backed up. As soon as you add a document to a task it instantly becomes available to all parties who need it.

Private notes

Sometimes you just need to keep your thoughts in order. With your own private notebook you can quickly and easily attach notes to tasks ensuring every stage of your transaction is tracked.

What does this mean for you?

Faster completion

Get through to completion faster by ensuring that you remain focused on only the most important tasks. Draft, sign and submit important documentation online with complete trackability — meaning you will always know that you are not the bottleneck.

Unprecedented transparency

For the first time you will have complete transparency throughout your property transaction. With our platform you can easily track appointed agents and legal teams, giving you peace of mind that they are performing as promised.