In April 2020, after 5 brilliant years, Properr Software Ltd. ceased trading.

We decided to document our journey

The story of TrackMyMove

This is a story about people

A huge thanks to you all.

Photo of the team at their Christmas party
Photo of Steve Talbot in front of a marker board

Our first steps

In 2015, Owen Derbyshire and Steve Talbot set out to build a platform that would simplify the home-buying journey.

We did so from our small rented office at the Cardiff Business and Technology Centre in the student quarter of Cathays, Cardiff.

Steve was a chartered engineer, and Owen a management consultant. That’s a pre-beard Steve in the picture!


We assembled the brightest bunch of designers, engineers and sales pros that Cardiff had to offer, and started building out a solution that home-movers desperately needed — a unified platform to track property transactions.

Photo of team members assembling desktop computers
Photo of the local start-up community


The local start-up community were unbelievably supportive, as were our partners at Welsh Government and the Development Bank of Wales. We couldn’t have done this without you.


It all begins with an idea, and — if you’re lucky — others will be there to back you. We raised over £1.2M in funding, and we’ll be forever grateful to our investors for believing in us and supporting us through this journey.

Photo of the co-founders with investors
Photo of the team working in the office

Scaling up

Working with partners, we set out to build a platform that had the potential to change real estate transactions forever.

In our first two years of trading we won countless awards, supported hundreds of brilliant clients, and sold over £400M worth of assets via our in-house platform — TrackMyMove.

Clients using the platform were able to reduce both their average time to completion and fall-through rates by over 40% — that’s huge.

Lessons learnt

We grew too quickly with too little cash, and set out to build a game-changing model at a time when the market wasn’t ready for us.

With COVID-19 looming, we ceased trading in April 2020, but the lessons we learnt along the way were invaluable.

There’s still a long way to go to ensure better services for home-movers but, alas, we will not be the people to drive that change. We hope others will be.

Mock-up of the TrackMyMove app on an iPhone

So — at least for now — here’s goodbye.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through our incredible journey. We couldn’t have done it without you.